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IsMyGirl is the ultimate one stop shop social media platform that empowers models with the ability to convert fans into paying followers and monetize your brand and content. IsMyGirl boasts ten different revenue streams for our models to maximize earnings in the shortest time possible, including monthly recurring subscriptions, premium videos, private video messages, pay per minute livestreaming, tipping, Premium Snap, and much more! Give your fans the ultimate social experience with ease, right from your mobile dashboard!

IsMyGirl Pros

  • 10 Different Revenue Streams
  • High Payouts
  • Solid Customer Service

IsMyGirl Cons



Number of Revenue Streams


IsMyGirl Reviews

    Turned into a scam platform

    I was a top creator of Ismygirl since 2020 and it was okay till November 2022. After November 2022 they stop sending payouts without any reason. Every time I try to reach the support team on why there are no payouts they reply standard - we will check with accounting. I have got this answer 6 times already! They have been checking with accounting 2 months already!
    You will invest lot of your time and efforts, you will make sales but you will not get paid. Avoid!!!

    Don't pay out creators


    Ismygirl is garbage

    Ismygirl is garbage. The platform doesn't even load half the time. The other half, you can't upload content. They don't pay their clients. Their customer service reps' motto is "the customer is always wrong." When they couldn't fix their own mistake with me, they simply deleted my account and stole my money.


    They don't pay their clients. Their customer service is terrible. They don't take blame when they make a mistake and prefer to delete your account and steal your money.


    Website is easy to use. Limited controls over how many models can apply.

    Website is easy to use. Limited controls over how many models can apply.

    No controls over models
    Credit card processing is outside the United States.
    Models can dictate their own prices some are very cheap and sone are very expensive. No in between.
    Some models charge tokens for live streaming and some are free.

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